October: Come See These Special Shows!

I am back from LA (it’s ridiculous there!) and have a whole bunch of special shows lined up.  This week it’s The Gypsy Parlour on Thursday and then Homewrecker Comedy at MacGruder’s in Lancaster.

10/15 is the Breast Friends show at Helium Comedy Club. If you are going to exploit a tragic disease, might as well have fun, right? (j/k!)

10/19 is Madeline Smith’s Rage Against the Vageen show at the Comedy Club in Webster. Let be frank, all “all lady” shows are angry lady shows.

10/22 – the Dirty Show @ Helium Comedy Club – Fucking pumpkins is funny.

10/30 – To be determined – it’s a mystery Halloween show at Helium!

10/30, 10/31 & 11/1 – hosting for Wendy Liebman @ Helium

I’m excited about all of these shows because they will be be with a ton of other funny people.  The mystery show on 10/30 is the Halloween show where some of the areas best comics will perform in costume as a famous comic. I will post more as details are available.

No Hacks, Gypsies and Hustlers.


I picked up a couple more shows:

9/21 “Whores on Sunday” @ The Comedy Store, hosted by Camille Solari and Adam Barnhardt 8pm, Los Angeles, CA
10/2 Gypsy Parlor  – 10pm, Buffalo, NY

Yeah, Whores on Sunday is sponsored by the Hollywood Hustler store. There will be give-aways. I don’t know about this Hollywood place.

I’ve Got Your New Derby Name Here

Roller Derby season is starting to ramp up again in Western New York and I want to show my support by offering up these brand new skater names. I know there is a movement to get rid of the aliases but nobody is afraid to skate against a Lisa. A Pam maybe, but never Lisa. I would also like skaters to start wearing masks like Mexican wrestlers. Extra 50 points if there is a zipper over the mouth.

Here we go for old times sake:

1. Slay Z Susan
2. Amputeena
3. Malcolm XY
4. Old White Lady
5. R2 D2manytattoos

~ Brawl McCartney

More shows for September and October

I’m headlining the No Hacks Comedy show at a haunted hotel (The Lenox on North), 9/25 10pm FREE if you survive the night. Also a couple things at Helium Comedy Club – Buffalo coming up: hosting Margaret Cho shows 10/3 & 10/4, on the line up for the Breast Cancer Awareness show on 10/15.

Week of 5/19/2014 Shows

Rick Matthews is going to shake things up for the Nietzsche’s Tuesday night comedy show. Starting this week, will be Setlists Against Humanity where comics will pick three cards and riff a set based on the cards. I will be closing the first night of this experiment/nightmare.
5/20 8pm $5

5/21 The Comedy Brawl – 1st round at Johnny Jackson – 587 College St W (at Clinton) Toronto, starting at 8pm.

Women In Comedy Festival

I just got accepted into the Women In Comedy Festival!  I will post details as I get them but the festival is May 8 through the 11, Boston, MA.

I’m excited to play in Boston.  I’ve never been there to perform and the last time I went there as an adult I was only passing through to take a bus to Cape Cod. We used to go there every summer when I was growing up. When we went there, my dad took my brother and sister to Red Sox’s games while I went with my mother to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. So if you ever get the feeling that I think I’m better than you, blame Boston.

There are a couple new dates on the show page.


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