Raising Funds for ‘Your Mom’

Me at Sisyphus dragging my ass to Sisyphus

October was fun at Sisyphus Brewing!

This past October was crazy fun. After finishing 3rd in the Funniest Person in Minneapolis Contest, I headlined with Jody Maruska and Jeff Pfoser.

With enough gigs this month I am going to donate to the Minneapolis Audubon Society’s Red Headed Woodpecker Monitoring efforts. For a $150 or more donation you get to name a woodpecker so keep an eye out for “Your Mom” at the suet feeder this winter.

Opening for Maria and Gilbert

This month I’ll be traveling back to Buffalo and feature for Gilbert Gottfried from November 14 – 16 at the awesome Helium Comedy Club. It will be duck season on the Niagara River so I’ll be spending some time under the Peace bridge looking for Buffleheads.

November 17th I’ll be back in the Twin Cities in time to open for Maria Bamford at the Ordway. Not sure what birds will be around and might have to go to Sax Zim or something where the snow buntings hang out.

Buffalo Bills Podcast thing!

My buddies back in Buffalo & New York (Shaun Murphy, Greg Bauch & Kyle Tuner) have a podcast where they discuss how awful everything is, and they want to drink bleach to feel something again because they are all Bills fans, called In the Hunt. I started contributing a segment last week called “This Day in Bills Herstory”. You will love it. Murray Xmas.

Gary Marangi

Gary Marangi: Still alive.

Summertime Shues

May 31 – Headlining at Clear Water Comedy, Eau Claire WI

June 17 – The Big Fat Comedy Hour – Lush, Minneapolis MN

June 22 & 23rd Opening for Ali Sultan! Comedy Corner Underground, Minneapolis MN

June 29 & 30th – Bob’s Comedy Bunker, Somewhere off of a highway, MN

July 6, 7 & 8Featuring for Tony Roberts, Helium Comedy Club, Buffalo NY    Sorry! I have to reschedule.

July 19thLadies of Laughter Contest, Gotham Comedy Club, New York, NY

July 26thLakes & Legends Brewery, Minneapolis, MN