Buffalo Bills Podcast thing!

My buddies back in Buffalo & New York (Shaun Murphy, Greg Bauch & Kyle Tuner) have a podcast where they discuss how awful everything is, and they want to drink bleach to feel something again because they are all Bills fans, called In the Hunt. I started contributing a segment last week called “This Day in Bills Herstory”. You will love it. Murray Xmas.

Gary Marangi

Gary Marangi: Still alive.

Summertime Shues

May 31 – Headlining at Clear Water Comedy, Eau Claire WI

June 17 – The Big Fat Comedy Hour – Lush, Minneapolis MN

June 22 & 23rd Opening for Ali Sultan! Comedy Corner Underground, Minneapolis MN

June 29 & 30th – Bob’s Comedy Bunker, Somewhere off of a highway, MN

July 6, 7 & 8Featuring for Tony Roberts, Helium Comedy Club, Buffalo NY    Sorry! I have to reschedule.

July 19thLadies of Laughter Contest, Gotham Comedy Club, New York, NY

July 26thLakes & Legends Brewery, Minneapolis, MN




First Day of Spring and More Shows.

Here is a fun thing!


I am looking forward to sampling some jazz cookies and lying on the beach like a dehydrated jelly fish.

Also, more magic in the midwest:

April 12Running Aces

April 21Comedy Showcase, 8:30pm 10Brewing, Anoka, MN

May 5 – Sit! Stay! Standup Comedy Hour – Comedy benefit hosted by Maggie Faris for the Pet Haven Animal Rescue. 7pm and 9pm, Sisyphus Brewing

May 6 – Fair State Brewing

May 31 – Clear Water Comedy, Eau Claire WI – Headlining!