San Francisco Comedy Competition 2015 Semi-Finalist!

Uh, that was a trip. After getting through the preliminary round with a third place finish, we started out the semis with a show in Escondido, CA. It’s all palm trees down there! Then we had a show in Sacramento the next day. Not my best stuff but I pushed through the anxiety and had stronger shows in Livermore and Santa Rosa.

It was an amazing experience and would do it again. Well, I guess it’s back to reality and begging for 2.5 minutes of stage time at open mics.

Special thanks to Peter Greyy (Get well soon!), Pat Burtscher, John Fox, Roger Lizoala, for making it a great event! Also, Santa Rosa has the smartest and best looking people in the world.

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Hey, It Was My Birthday!

I didn’t get your present yet so why don’t you be present at one of these community events:

February 26th at Mr. Good Bar – Uncle Jerry’s Comedy Attic of Horror and Wonder

w/ Clayton Williams, Jake Jerosczszcswski, Jesse Winterhalter, Kyle Fucking Turner, Max, Ricky Something

$5 maybe?


March 7th – Helium Comedy Club – “See You In Hell” 11:59 PM

See You In Hell, where we take five local comics and makes them perform their set in a different “Hell.”

Additional Acts: TBA!

Hosted by Matt Wayne(@NoWayneInHell) and Doug Smith(@whodougsmith).

Dinner before the show? Make a reservation at Elements by calling 716.853.1211!

This show is 18+. Tickets will be available for pick up at the box office prior to the show (they are generally available 1.5-2 hrs prior to showtime.)

There’s other stuff but I am jet lagged. Just ask me when you see me at Wegman’s. Happy Birthday.


This is a great project!

The Blog of Luke Copping


Meet Darla, a three-year-old Mastiff in Buffalo, NY that is looking for an awesome family to adopt her this holiday season. Currently she is in a foster program run by the HEART Animal Rescue and Adoption Team. Darla looks so much like one of my own dogs (Akasha – who was a rescue as well, and I’m pretty sure that Darla is a Boerboel just like her) that I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to help her out once I heard her story.

Darla has been adopted and returned twice through no fault of her own (changing circumstances did not allow the families to keep her in the long-term). Right now Darla is staying with a really great foster family, but because of her issues with cats and other animals she has to stay in the heated garage most of the time. The volunteers at HEART and her foster family…

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This year has been a challenge and it’s not over yet.  I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to shows, visited my website and hit like on my videos and such.  The Boston Comedy Festival was great and I had even more fun at the non-contest shows. Traveling with Mark Walton, Rick Matthews and Shaun Murphy was extra special and no matter what happens between us, we will always have Union Square Donuts.

Here are some updates to my schedule:

November 24th – Hard Day Comedy: Dirty Girls Theme Show, 9pm Toronto, ON

December 6th – West End Girls, Comedy Bar, Toronto, ON

December 17th – Madeline Smith’s Rage Against the Vageen, The Comedy Club, Rochester, NY

December 26th – The Goo House Show, Boulder Coffee House, Rochester, NY

January 16th – Corporate Show