October: Come See These Special Shows!

I am back from LA (it’s ridiculous there!) and have a whole bunch of special shows lined up.  This week it’s The Gypsy Parlour on Thursday and then Homewrecker Comedy at MacGruder’s in Lancaster.

10/15 is the Breast Friends show at Helium Comedy Club. If you are going to exploit a tragic disease, might as well have fun, right? (j/k!)

10/19 is Madeline Smith’s Rage Against the Vageen show at the Comedy Club in Webster. Let be frank, all “all lady” shows are angry lady shows.

10/22 – the Dirty Show @ Helium Comedy Club – Fucking pumpkins is funny.

10/30 – To be determined – it’s a mystery Halloween show at Helium!

10/30, 10/31 & 11/1 – hosting for Wendy Liebman @ Helium

I’m excited about all of these shows because they will be be with a ton of other funny people.  The mystery show on 10/30 is the Halloween show where some of the areas best comics will perform in costume as a famous comic. I will post more as details are available.

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