First Day of Spring and More Shows.

Here is a fun thing!


I am looking forward to sampling some jazz cookies and lying on the beach like a dehydrated jelly fish.

Also, more magic in the midwest:

April 12Running Aces

April 21Comedy Showcase, 8:30pm 10Brewing, Anoka, MN

May 5 – Sit! Stay! Standup Comedy Hour – Comedy benefit hosted by Maggie Faris for the Pet Haven Animal Rescue. 7pm and 9pm, Sisyphus Brewing

May 6 – Fair State Brewing

May 31 – Clear Water Comedy, Eau Claire WI – Headlining!

Stuff Coming Up

8/4   Shame As It Ever Was – Universe Games, Free! 711 W Lake St, Ste 103, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

8/11  Featuring for Mary Mack, Dancing Dragonfly Winery Comedy Night – 2013 120th Avenue, St Croix Falls, WI

10/20  Tangled Up in Jokes10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival – 8:30pm-10pm, Comedy Corner Underground, 1501 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55454

10/26, 27 & 28  Weekend MC for The Joke Joint, 801 Sibley Memorial Hwy, St. Paul MN 55118

11/19 Lush

12/12 – 12/17 The House of Comedy, Bloomington, MN

Freddie’s Summer Sadness

My 9 year old rabbit Freddie is having a rough summer. He had a tumor removed from his leg and is not happy about the surgery and having stitches. He seems pretty comfortable but is eating intermittently. Things he used to love he leaves on his plate. He eventually finished some greeens and hay but won’t touch his dry food. I’m keeping the vet updated but, ugh, come on buddy. Eat! I’m not posting any pictures until he pulls through. I thought I was doing the right thing.

June Shows

June shows are starting to trickle in. Here are a couple at the Comedy Corner Underground in Minneapolis, 1501 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, United States:

June 16 & 17, 8pm – Triple Feature – Three comics, three feature length sets!

In the tradition of the Three Amigos, the Hudson Brothers and Larry, Moe and Curly and/or Shemp, the Comedy Corner Underground presents Triple Feature, a monthly show inspired by comedy’s Rule of Three.
Admittedly, great comedy threesomes are rarer than romantic threesomes, and usually twice as awkward, so rather than crowded onto an already intimate stage, you’ll see three great comics take their turn in the spotlight, each performing feature-length sets. We won’t even charge you extra, unless you bring a date.
It could take you a year, or even a lifetime, to catch these performers individually, so when we say this show represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we’re not exaggerating, much!

June 23, 8pm – Real Shit 

A storytelling show featuring the Twin Cities’ best comedians and performers sharing hilarious, profound, and true tales about moments when the shit hit the fan. We’ll hear stories about heartbreak, broken condoms, lost jobs, lost dignity, and much worse. It’s like hearing your drunken friend tell that story about eating 30 pickled eggs in one sitting and how it ended his marriage—but we only take $7 from you instead of “borrowing” $300.

To round out the party we’ve added live local music, and even a drawing for one audience member to win the chance to tell their own story. Riding that line halfway between sad and hilarious, we provide the opportunity to laugh, commiserate, and feel schadenfreude all at once, just like that time your elderly aunt fell down the stairs. If you can’t help but find humor in times when life hands you decidedly less than lemons, then this is the place for you. Come join us as we search together for diamonds in the doo doo.